Discover Russia like never before.

Discover Russia like never before.

Book your trip with RTC1 today and be prepared to fall in love with Russia.

Day 1 Moscow

Arrival to Moscow

Transfer to the hotel


Day 2

Bunker-42: Journey into the Depths of History

Descend into the secret depths of Bunker-42, a former top-secret Soviet military facility. Experience the Cold War era and learn about the nuclear threat as you explore the underground tunnels and command center.


For those seeking a premium experience, the Radisson Royal Moscow River Cruise is the perfect choice. Step aboard this luxurious ship and indulge in a world-class journey along the Moscow River, complete with impeccable service, upscale amenities, and a truly unforgettable experience.



Day 3

Visit the Cosmonaut Museum: Journey to the Stars

Uncover the awe-inspiring achievements of Russian space exploration, from the first manned mission to Yuri Gagarin to the groundbreaking work in the International Space Station.

Get up close to authentic spacesuits and spacecraft, gaining a unique perspective on the challenges faced by astronauts during their cosmic adventures.

Delve into the history of the Mir Space Station, a symbol of international cooperation and a testament to the remarkable capabilities of humanity in space.


Experience Moscow’s Famous Vodka Museum

If you want to learn about the origins and history of Russia’s most famous drink, the vodka museum is the place to start. Indulge in a tasting session, and learn about the many ways vodka is enjoyed across the country. Trace the origins of vodka, from its humble beginnings to its modern-day popularity. Learn about the distilling process, how vodka is made and how it’s turned into a premium grade spirit. Indulge in a tasting session and experience the finest versions of this perfectly crafted spirit.


Day 4 Moscow – St. Petersburg

Departure from Moscow to St. Petersburg by Saspasn

Arrival to St. Petersburg


Enjoy the City tour, including Nevsky Prospect, Admiralty, Kazan Cathedral, Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, Anichkov Bridge and other attractions of Saint-Petersburg. 

Explore the stunning Peter and Paul Cathedral, the final resting place of Russian emperors, and marvel at its soaring spire.

Ascend the fortress walls for panoramic views of the Neva River and the picturesque cityscape of St. Petersburg.


Day 5 St. Petersburg

Explore the Hermitage: Treasure Trove of Art

Discover one of the world’s largest and most renowned art museums, housing over three million artworks, including masterpieces by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Van Gogh.


In the afternoon visit the Catherine Palace – one of the Majestic Wonders of St. Petersburg

Step into a world of opulence at the Catherine Palace. Be awe-struck by the extravagant interiors, including the famous Amber Room.


Day 6 St. Petersburg

Learn About Russian History at the Fabergé Museum.

Explore the masterpieces of Russian jewelry and craftsmanship art. Admire the finest examples of Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs and other art objects.


Grand Maket Russia: Miniature Land of Wonders

Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted replica of Russia at Grand Maket Russia. Explore the intricately detailed miniature landscapes, bustling cities, and vibrant everyday life scenes.


Day 7 St. Petersburg

Transfer to airport to take flight home


The touroperator reserves the right to change the sequence of excursions and visits to objects.

Discover Russia like never before.
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